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Repo enfin disponible !

Faire un site dédié aux distros, c’est bien, mais c’est encore mieux lorsque l’on peut facilement les trouver !
Voici donc l’arrivée de notre repo où l’on en a déjà réunies pas mal, et d’autres sont à venir.
Quoiqu’il en soit, vous aurez déjà de quoi vous amuser à tester les distros, et même trouver celle qui vous conviendra le mieux en fonction de vos attentes !

Amusez-vous bien ! 🙂

MorphOS 3.11 changelog

MorphOS 3.11 boot.img Changes

The following is a (probably incomplete) list of changes made between the 3.10 and 3.11 release of MorphOS to the ROM (boot.img) based components.


  • Fixed CAS/CAS2 instruction emulation


  • Convert ‘ISO9660’ into ‘CD0’ when creating the command line for booting MorphOS. Fixes a delay when booting from CD

P50x0_eth New

  • A resource used for handling access to resources related to P50x0 Ethernet.


  • Map the second Frame Manager on P5040 machines


  • Fixed PowerBook5,6 and 5,7 fan control
  • Fixed a memory leak on older PowerBooks and iBooks that would leak a little memory every second, also caused a performance hit over time
  • Fixed a rare memory leak in battery handler

MorphOS 3.11 Disk Changes

Following is a (probably incomplete) list of changes made to the disk based components of MorphOS.


  • Fixes in keyboard handling in listers
  • Fixed double-clicking on Lha archives
  • The LOADURI ARexx command now uses default view and default view mode if one or both of them are omitted
  • Added a « Open Parent » to the context menu of a panel button to open a lister
  • Inline edit, pressing space delete a sign/entry or jumps to the next entry
  • ‘Create Archive’ fixed to add multiple files to a single Lha archive

Applications/Flow Studio

  • Postscript files are now displayed with their style settings
  • Statusbar now displays multibyte char codes correctly
  • Non-breaking space, i.e. 0xA0 or C2A0 (in UTF8) is now displayed in the style of a control character
  • ‘Replace all’ operation now respects the regexp setting for the search part
  • Improvements to printing using screen colours
  • Made it possible to add / remove breakpoints when the debugged task is already running and is not suspended
  • Makefile generator can now handle files in subdirectories
  • Suppressed some output from the generated makefiles
  • -noixemul switch was used even for ixemul projects
  • Performance improvements
  • Replaced various icons with additional custom-made versions


  • Introduces support for dozens of additional and nowadays commonly used CSS property names
  • Adds support for additional CSS property values used by modern flexbox and grid page layouts
  • Adds support for native CSS Filters for use with and without vendor prefix, which did require the temporary disablement of rarely used SVG filters
  • Adds native support for CSS Regions
  • Disables native JavaScript Promises support as newer websites fail to consider partial implementations, which increasingly caused incompatibilites
  • Optimized the internal handling of Webkit events, which fixes a performance hit with many tabs open
  • Odyssey now tries to prevent embedded media files from autoplaying without any prior user action in order to minimize severe performance degradation and other disruptions (unexpected noise disturbences, etc)
  • Added new « Autoplayer » user-script to control the forementioned behavior via a user-maintained whitelist of websites
  • Updated the included ad-blocker list to a more recent state and added workarounds to prevent issues with otherwise benign content delivery networks
  • Cleaned up the information on the ‘about’ page to be more succinct and relevant


  • Fixed a bug where the Gauge object was displayed on the window frame


  • Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.2o


  • Store JPEG with selected ICC profile
  • Fixed colorspace for files without ICC


  • Use mediasize provided in the pdf for passthrough print mode
  • Allows to specify a direct file if postscript output is enabled and no printer profile is selected or available
  • Refreshes printer profile list and related cycle gadget after new printers preferences has been called
  • Show the profile selected output path if a printer profile is selected in postscript mode


  • Fixed misspelled APPENT option to also accept correctly spelled APPEND


  • Tweaked wordwrapping defaults


  • Added /A to clustername argument


  • Use stderr for errors, if available


  • Implemented UTC/S


  • Use MUIM_List_SortEntries for a flickerless sort
  • Fixed not to rely on MUIM_Notify result since it is always FALSE for Group and descendants


  • Fixed a memory leak in OBMutableString
  • Fixed a race condition in OBTimer


  • Improved ESC key handling when Scintilla is in focus
  • Performance optimizations


  • Fixed a bug that made it hard/impossible to select a new network from the list


  • Fixed to handle per-channel global volume controls
  • Fixed several race conditions & crashes when unplugging USB audio devices


  • USBPAR is now included in DOSDrivers


  • Added R600/R700/Evergreen/Northern Islands interrupt support
  • Fixed AGP support on R500 and R600 cards
  • Fixed HDMI output on some Northern Islands cards
  • Fixed overlay stability issues
  • Disabled DMA writebacks in PCI DMA mode

Libs/Cryptostorage New

  • Encrypted key-value storage library.


  • Fixed: large fread could result in premature EOF. Caused spurious EOFs when doing large reads with pipes


  • Fixes to CVE-2017-8372, CVE-2017-8373 and CVE-2017-8374


  • Updated pci.ids file to version 2018.06.18


  • Updated ffmpeg to 3.4.2


  • Disabled debug output


  • Added MUIM_List_SortEntries


  • Improved error handling of PPD printer config imports
  • Fixed cupsFilters handling


  • Changed the default MUI settings so that window sizes / positions are stored permanently by default


  • Fixed to correctly identify targets for OS updates
  • Added new splash graphics


  • Improved dead key handling