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Icaros Desktop 2.2.6 changelog

New from Icaros Desktop 2.2.5

– added DCRaw 9.28 to C:
– deleted the obsolete (and wrong) ‘dcdraw’ drawer from Extras
– updated InstallerLG for i386 to latest version
– updated LibPNG to latest release
– updated MCC_NList to v1.25 for i386 and M68K
– added support to MUI4 ESC-A method to embed images
+ updated muimaster.library
+ updated rapagui in Libs/Hollywood
+ fix: Icon Editor now uses image buttons instead of text ones
– updated AmiCloud to v2.0-final
– updated webptools to latest version
+ included also the webptools development libraries
– updated VIM to latest release
– updated vic to output in a window
+ added to Magellan an option to show Icaros version
+ renamed the ‘About’ option in Magellan to ‘About AROS’ 
– updated vmware svga hidd to use FHD, 4K and 1440p resolutions
– updated AROS kernel
– added EasyRPG Player to Extras/Emu
+ added the game ‘The Kidnapping of Princess Pri’
+ added the game ‘Grimps: Squeaking of the Dead’
– added a launcher script for EasyRPG Player in the same drawer
– updated AmiCast Player to latest release
– added Hex2 calculator to Extras/Applications
– added for scripts
– added generic script icon to user-executable scripts in S:
– added debug mode: logging can now be easily performed
+ added debugmode script in S:
+ added « Create debug log » option in Magellan’s Icaros menu
+ modified default snoopy.prefs in Envarc: to log everything
– added ZupaPlayer to Extras/Multimedia
– added 1366×768 and 1920×1080 resolutions to VESA grub options(*)
– updated Icaros manual to reflect changes
– fixed a wrong reference in « Create Installation Pendrive » script

(*) notice: they might or might not work depending on your VGA BIOS

Afa OS 4.8 changelog

AROS for AmigaOS

This is the release version 4.8 of AfA_OS.


Realtime Skin System, which can change Skins without closing the screen first,
and supports user defined border sizes for every border.
See Screenshot under the following link:

It can be selected between Visualprefs, Birdie or the AfA-Skin system via
AFA_Prefs and a customized startup-sequence.

ReAction (ClassAction), KingCON and MUI Windowgadgets are supported and replaced
by the Skinsystem with code and help from Dieter Groppé.
DOpus5 Iconify and tbiclass Windowgadgets are also supported and replaced by the
Skinsystem by pushing 😉 and with help from Thomas Klein.

A user configurable Blacklist where you can exclude programs from using bigger
than normal borders as some programs do not work with increased border size
properly. The blacklisted programs will then open with standard border size.
Please drop me a line if you mention that programs do not work properly with
increased bordersize.

Many user configurable real time parameters like three different Borderlines.
The user can change the pre defined Skin parameters over a GUI.

Window Titel Font autonomous from AOS attuned Window Font selectable.
Position of Window Titel Font and shadow with adjustable depth selectable.

Skins consist of several parts: Screentitle, For- and Background for the verti-
cal and horizontal sliders and window frame parts like top, bottom, left and
right frame.

Now are 22 Skins from Ken Lester are usable. Here is a link to a screenshot
where 21 skins are shown:

AfA_OS allows you to use 32bit Dual Image PNG Icons, OS4 32bit Icons, « Palette »
GlowIcons and NewIcons with full Colorprecision and also faster than with the
original because colours must not be remapped to Workbench Palette. It works
in conjunction with DOpus Magellan and Workbench. Dragging of Icons works in
full 32bit colours with P96 and CyperGraphics V2. With CGX 3 and 4 icons will
only be shown in four colours while dragged.

OS4/PNG Icons can be scaled in realtime due to a high quality scale code by
Thilo Köhler. On a Classic (060) Mason-Icons with 30 pixel size can be rendered
faster than in original size.

Alpha-Channel support for picture datatypes.

TrueTypeFonts are supported with antialiasing.


Since AfA Version 3.96 NewIcons will be treated like GlowIcons. That means you
have to be the following things in mind: Icons will be converted into Glow-
Icons if you change anything on them (e.g. change or fix position, Tooltypes,

Changes for this version:

The icon_lib.exe use now a buffer that fix Hits by displaying Icons in the
NewIcon format.

The saving of the Font cache was disable in the diskfont_lib.exe this fix
problems with write protected Volumes.

In the graphics_lib.exe a problem with RecFill was fixed that occure if it was
used in the Border area.

The blacklisting are extended that the program TypeSmith now works with the
ToolType entry « bxxxTypeSmith » in the BlackList Icon. « bxxx » indicates that
the hight of title bar are not set back to the defaults.

The max posibile value of the Icon-Size in the Afa_Prefs program are set to

Thomas Klein has fix a Hit in morelibspace, reported by Frank Weber.

He also extend AfA_OS_Loader to support the parameter « OPTIMAL » with it the
AfA_OS_Libs are started in its optimal order.

The AfA_Prefs program are reviced by him, it is now complete localisable.
There are two new ToolTypes « ForceSkin » tries to close and open the Workbench
that the settings are used for all windows at the end of the program.
With « Layout=(0-2) » it is possible to switch between three layouts of the
Window settings, 1 is the default its the one that are used in older versions.
At 0 and 2 the stettings are grouped.

MorphOS 3.11 changelog

MorphOS 3.11 boot.img Changes

The following is a (probably incomplete) list of changes made between the 3.10 and 3.11 release of MorphOS to the ROM (boot.img) based components.


  • Fixed CAS/CAS2 instruction emulation


  • Convert ‘ISO9660’ into ‘CD0’ when creating the command line for booting MorphOS. Fixes a delay when booting from CD

P50x0_eth New

  • A resource used for handling access to resources related to P50x0 Ethernet.


  • Map the second Frame Manager on P5040 machines


  • Fixed PowerBook5,6 and 5,7 fan control
  • Fixed a memory leak on older PowerBooks and iBooks that would leak a little memory every second, also caused a performance hit over time
  • Fixed a rare memory leak in battery handler

MorphOS 3.11 Disk Changes

Following is a (probably incomplete) list of changes made to the disk based components of MorphOS.


  • Fixes in keyboard handling in listers
  • Fixed double-clicking on Lha archives
  • The LOADURI ARexx command now uses default view and default view mode if one or both of them are omitted
  • Added a « Open Parent » to the context menu of a panel button to open a lister
  • Inline edit, pressing space delete a sign/entry or jumps to the next entry
  • ‘Create Archive’ fixed to add multiple files to a single Lha archive

Applications/Flow Studio

  • Postscript files are now displayed with their style settings
  • Statusbar now displays multibyte char codes correctly
  • Non-breaking space, i.e. 0xA0 or C2A0 (in UTF8) is now displayed in the style of a control character
  • ‘Replace all’ operation now respects the regexp setting for the search part
  • Improvements to printing using screen colours
  • Made it possible to add / remove breakpoints when the debugged task is already running and is not suspended
  • Makefile generator can now handle files in subdirectories
  • Suppressed some output from the generated makefiles
  • -noixemul switch was used even for ixemul projects
  • Performance improvements
  • Replaced various icons with additional custom-made versions


  • Introduces support for dozens of additional and nowadays commonly used CSS property names
  • Adds support for additional CSS property values used by modern flexbox and grid page layouts
  • Adds support for native CSS Filters for use with and without vendor prefix, which did require the temporary disablement of rarely used SVG filters
  • Adds native support for CSS Regions
  • Disables native JavaScript Promises support as newer websites fail to consider partial implementations, which increasingly caused incompatibilites
  • Optimized the internal handling of Webkit events, which fixes a performance hit with many tabs open
  • Odyssey now tries to prevent embedded media files from autoplaying without any prior user action in order to minimize severe performance degradation and other disruptions (unexpected noise disturbences, etc)
  • Added new « Autoplayer » user-script to control the forementioned behavior via a user-maintained whitelist of websites
  • Updated the included ad-blocker list to a more recent state and added workarounds to prevent issues with otherwise benign content delivery networks
  • Cleaned up the information on the ‘about’ page to be more succinct and relevant


  • Fixed a bug where the Gauge object was displayed on the window frame


  • Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.2o


  • Store JPEG with selected ICC profile
  • Fixed colorspace for files without ICC


  • Use mediasize provided in the pdf for passthrough print mode
  • Allows to specify a direct file if postscript output is enabled and no printer profile is selected or available
  • Refreshes printer profile list and related cycle gadget after new printers preferences has been called
  • Show the profile selected output path if a printer profile is selected in postscript mode


  • Fixed misspelled APPENT option to also accept correctly spelled APPEND


  • Tweaked wordwrapping defaults


  • Added /A to clustername argument


  • Use stderr for errors, if available


  • Implemented UTC/S


  • Use MUIM_List_SortEntries for a flickerless sort
  • Fixed not to rely on MUIM_Notify result since it is always FALSE for Group and descendants


  • Fixed a memory leak in OBMutableString
  • Fixed a race condition in OBTimer


  • Improved ESC key handling when Scintilla is in focus
  • Performance optimizations


  • Fixed a bug that made it hard/impossible to select a new network from the list


  • Fixed to handle per-channel global volume controls
  • Fixed several race conditions & crashes when unplugging USB audio devices


  • USBPAR is now included in DOSDrivers


  • Added R600/R700/Evergreen/Northern Islands interrupt support
  • Fixed AGP support on R500 and R600 cards
  • Fixed HDMI output on some Northern Islands cards
  • Fixed overlay stability issues
  • Disabled DMA writebacks in PCI DMA mode

Libs/Cryptostorage New

  • Encrypted key-value storage library.


  • Fixed: large fread could result in premature EOF. Caused spurious EOFs when doing large reads with pipes


  • Fixes to CVE-2017-8372, CVE-2017-8373 and CVE-2017-8374


  • Updated pci.ids file to version 2018.06.18


  • Updated ffmpeg to 3.4.2


  • Disabled debug output


  • Added MUIM_List_SortEntries


  • Improved error handling of PPD printer config imports
  • Fixed cupsFilters handling


  • Changed the default MUI settings so that window sizes / positions are stored permanently by default


  • Fixed to correctly identify targets for OS updates
  • Added new splash graphics


  • Improved dead key handling

AmigaOS 3.1.4

The official update you’ve been waiting for.

Workbench screen of AmigaOS 3.1.4 with new GlowIcons
Workbench screen of AmigaOS 3.1.4 with GlowIcons #2
Workbench screen of AmigaOS 3.1.4 with default icons

The new, cleaned-up, polished Amiga operating system for your 68K machine fixes all the small annoyances that have piled up over the years. Originally intended as a bug-fix release, it also modernizes many system components previously upgraded in OS 3.9.Contrary to its modest revision number, AmigaOS 3.1.4 is arguably as large an upgrade as OS 3.9 was, and surpasses it in stability and robustness. Over 320K of release notes cover almost every aspect of your favourite classic AmigaOS — from bootmenu to datatypes.Some highlights:

  • Over 20 Kickstart ROM modules and many more disk-based core OS components were fixed, updated, or added.
  • Native support for all Motorola 68000-68060 CPUs, and a more robust Auto-Configuration process.
  • Support for large hard disks, including boot, for any OS 2.x/3.x-compliant controller driver supporting HD_SCSI_CMD, TD_64 and/or NSD. Dedicated boot partitions are a thing of the past, even on legacy devices. You can also use variably-sized « super floppies ».
  • modernized Workbench as powerful as the OS 3.9 version, including new or refreshed Preference editors in the legacy OS 3.1-« GadTools » style. Its tools such as DiskCopy and Format fully support large media. Printer, hard disk and many other support tools have been fixed and upgraded.
  • Remember « Diskdoctor« ? It earned its PhD and is now ready to reliably rescue data from your floppies or hard disks.
  • The CLI/Shell and many of its commands have been reworked and modernized, now sporting native support for pipes, softlinks, hardlinks and long filenames. New commands support running Workbench programs from the Shell or upgrading ROM modules.
  • CrossDOS and the CD-ROM filesystem are now smarter, faster, and multi-threaded, adding Rockridge and Joliet extensions as well as UDF.
  • Fully reworked, modernized and bug-fixed printer drivers include support for PCL and PostScript, along with legacy NEC and Epson printers.
  • An optional upgradeable intuition.library provides off-screen dragging of windows for native and P96 RTG screens.
  • colorful, professionally designed icon set is included, along with the traditional four-color icons.

Vampire/ApolloCore support:
Since the Vampire currently does not support Autoconfig or other established means of integrating 3rd-party kickstart modules into the OS, the ROM has to be slightly patched and modified, using tools provided by ApolloTeam. We recommend using an A1200 ROM for this purpose, but we cannot offer support for this procedure or the resulting OS. Please seek ApolloTeam website for guidance and support at: