Icaros Desktop 2.2.6 changelog

New from Icaros Desktop 2.2.5

– added DCRaw 9.28 to C:
– deleted the obsolete (and wrong) ‘dcdraw’ drawer from Extras
– updated InstallerLG for i386 to latest version
– updated LibPNG to latest release
– updated MCC_NList to v1.25 for i386 and M68K
– added support to MUI4 ESC-A method to embed images
+ updated muimaster.library
+ updated rapagui in Libs/Hollywood
+ fix: Icon Editor now uses image buttons instead of text ones
– updated AmiCloud to v2.0-final
– updated webptools to latest version
+ included also the webptools development libraries
– updated VIM to latest release
– updated vic to output in a window
+ added to Magellan an option to show Icaros version
+ renamed the ‘About’ option in Magellan to ‘About AROS’ 
– updated vmware svga hidd to use FHD, 4K and 1440p resolutions
– updated AROS kernel
– added EasyRPG Player to Extras/Emu
+ added the game ‘The Kidnapping of Princess Pri’
+ added the game ‘Grimps: Squeaking of the Dead’
– added a launcher script for EasyRPG Player in the same drawer
– updated AmiCast Player to latest release
– added Hex2 calculator to Extras/Applications
– added def_Script.info for scripts
– added generic script icon to user-executable scripts in S:
– added debug mode: logging can now be easily performed
+ added debugmode script in S:
+ added « Create debug log » option in Magellan’s Icaros menu
+ modified default snoopy.prefs in Envarc: to log everything
– added ZupaPlayer to Extras/Multimedia
– added 1366×768 and 1920×1080 resolutions to VESA grub options(*)
– updated Icaros manual to reflect changes
– fixed a wrong reference in « Create Installation Pendrive » script

(*) notice: they might or might not work depending on your VGA BIOS

Icaros Desktop 2.2.5 changelog

New from Icaros Desktop 2.2.4


– updated RNOEffects to v1.3
– updated 68K Paula driver for AHI
– updated AbkViewer to v0.0.6 in Extras/Development/Tools
– added AISS to Icaros Desktop Light edition
– updated AROS system files to November 26th, 2018
– added Icon Editor to Utilities
+ added needed images from AISS to System/Images/TBImages
– modified GUI selector and added a icon for its drawer
– fix: restored Icaros’ Download Fonts script for OWB
– added 15 public-domain (CC0) FHD images to Extras/Wallpapers
– updated MCC_BetterString to v11.33 on i386 and m68k
– updated MCC_TextEditor to v15.51 on i386 and m68k
– added double-state version of Dark Glass iconset
– added double-state version of Logos&Brand iconset
– updated Protrekkr to v 2.5.4 (fixes problems with native drivers)
– added GenerateMD5 to C
+ added options to generate and copy MD5 to Magellan
– Magellan can now show current IP Address
– updated PlayCDDA in Multimedia
– updated VAMP in Multimedia
– added AnimWebConverter to MediaEditors
– updated VIM to latest release
– updated MCC_NList on m68K
– updated MCC_TheBar on m68k
– fixed a bug in ZuneARC preventing lha archives extraction
– added quitaros command for Linux and Windows hosted Icaros
– updated OBW to use latest SSL encryption, it’s also more stable
– built Advice for i386 and added to C
– added 68k Advice to AROS M68K
– added minischeme to Extras/Development/Languages
– AmiBridge’s ADD SHORTCUT script does not open unwanted windows anymore
– updated Icaros Desktop manual to reflect latest changes