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BestWB 1.1

BestWB 1.1 – 07.03.2019

BestWB is a new workbench pack, much like BetterWBIt aims to be muchlike an enhancementan updated extension to AmigaOS 3.1.4, without allthose hardware penalties typically associated with these kind of packs. It is indeed a better 3.1.4 than 3.1.4 itself!

BestWB will suit anyone that wishes a clean AmigaOS experience without theunneeded bloat often associated with these kind of distros. It persues speedand usability and does not focus on eye candy.

Download version 1.0 here and then apply the v1.1 update which is here

Feature list:

-A Find system tool so that the workbench menu « Find… » gets activated(SimpleFind).

-New and Improved datatypes for gifjpgbmppngpcxtgatiff, and wavmedia.

-New Removable media partition mounter (SCSIMounter)

-New System snooper (SnoopDOS)

Fast and easy to use floppy disk copier application (SuperDuper)

Libraries for cpu support and better hardware detection(MMULib+BoardsLib).

-A filemanager to copymove and delete files in an easier manner (DirWork).

Lots of of handy commodities that make user experience much more comfortable (GrabIFFAssignWedgeCleverWINFreeWheelRewincyToolsMenuToolAliasNewModeyStartDosPrefsBenchTrashPowerSnapCronTask, PM, WindowTiler and MagicMenu).

-58 additional workbench printer drivers (take a peek at yourSYS:Storage/printers drawer).

Complementary commands like AddMem, DMS, WBCtrl, and showboards.

-ZIP and JAZ drive support and their corresponding mountlists (IOTools).

XPKMaster offers a data compression/decompression library available to programs that support it.

Charmap is a tool that helps dealing with all the characters of a given fontUseful for accents and uncommon characters.

Prepcardhelps the user to manage many hardware on the pcmcia port

The popular LHA, LZX, GZIP and ZIP/UNZIP archiver commands are installed in their latest incarnation.

-Compact Disk audio player with lots of great features (ACDPlay)

Midi support for many programs with camd.library and the Midiportspreferences application.

-New graphic interface that lets you read and write back adf and dms floppyimages (TSGUI).

There is a new preferences program (WBStartupPrefsthat lets you easilyhandle the WBStartup and Commodities drawer.

The light weight but otherwise efficient Redit text editor is also included.

-New monitors drivers for native Amiga chipset (Film24, HD720, HighGFXSuperPlus and Xtreme).

FontView is an app able to browse thru available fonts and report theircharacteristics.

-A Backup tool that can even be made to work with non Amiga partitions(ABackup).

-Shell with command completionscrollbars and lots of other nice featuresthanks to VinCed.

-A workbench friendly NSD/TD64 compatible drive defragmenter(DiskOptimizer).

Totalcalc is a replacement calculator that can even be configured as anadvanced scientific one.

Unpacker aids the user in uncompressing archived files with a GUI.

-A very fast antivirus that supports xvs.library is now deployed (Fungicide).

TextView is an advanced text viewer that supports html between otherformats.

-DTView2 is a simple and efficient picture viewer.

IconLib 46.4 is a fast icon.library reimplementation that allows you to see alltypes of icons (standard, newiconsglowiconspng, etc.).

FullPalette will let you lock and optimise palettes.

IconSet lets you quickly switch between between standard icons and GlowIcons.

-A complete set of manuals that explain all these new featuresThey are inside HELP:.

-And much more…

BetterWB release 4.3

BetterWB release 4.3 – 08.02.2018

BetterWB is a new workbench pack, much like AIAB, Amikit, AmigaSYS, ClassicWB, etc. but applying a totally different aproach. It aims to be much like an enhancement, an updated extension to AmigaOS 3.1, without all those hardware requirement penalties typically associated with these kind of packs. It is indeed a better 3.1 than 3.1 itself!

BetterWB best targets:

-Purists that believe anything beyond 3.1 is an overbloated piece of crap
-Low end Amiga computers that are left in storage deprived from any usage, and only regarded as antiques
-Users that refuse to pay big bucks in order to be able to somehow upgrade their Amiga workbench experience
-Minimig users, that are restricted to a 68000 processor
-Anyone that wishes a clean AmigaOS 3.1 like experience 


-Works on any Amiga.
-It occupies less than 10MB on a harddrive
-It is distributed as a set of floppy images
-Its usage is simple and bares a high resemblance to an ordinary 3.1 install


-Limited eye candy (but it does not compromise performance)
-Will appear incomplete, for high end or heavily expanded Amiga systems (They are probably better with other workbench packs), that rely on visual appealing components.


Any Amiga computer
Kickstart rom 3.1 (May also work under 3.0)
AmigaOS 3.1 disk set (May also work under 3.0)
About 10MB of storage space on a harddrive