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Tombée dans l'Amiga avec un 2000 de récup, c'était mon premier ordinateur, et malgré son retard technologique face aux 386, je me suis toujours débrouillée pour repousser les limites de mes Amiga.

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public Publié le4:43 pm - Oct 14, 2019

I’m now back home to Summer in New Zealand, complete with a Northern hemisphere cold (sniff!), following my flying visit to Pianeta Amiga, which was held in a rather chilly Bologna in Northern Italy. Nevertheless the Pianeta Amiga show was a fun affair, even though the attendance was quite small compared to previous years. That didn’t stop everyone who did attend from having a good time. I will write more about my Pianeta trip in my next blog but, for now I would like to wish all Amiga enthusiasts, whatever your Amiga colour, hue or flavour a very Merry Christmas.